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South Florida is home to two types of White Fly: Ficus White Fly & Rugose Spiraling White Fly. Both can cause extensive damage to your Ficus hedges and trees and your valuable palm trees. Often by the time you see the tell-tale signs, serious damage has already occurred. Island Environmental can not only eliminate existing infestations and assist your plants with recovery, we can recommend a White Fly Control program to protect your beautiful landscape from these damaging pests.

Fig Ficus White Fly

If the leaves on your ficus hedge or trees have suddenly turned yellow and started to drop, chances are you have the Fig Ficus White Fly. The Ficus White Fly attacks all varieties of ficus resulting most commonly in defoliation and branch die back but when left untreated, can cause death. Our professional technicians are trained in accordance to Florida’s Green Industries Best Management Practices to control white fly infestations on your ficus hedges and trees. Ficus White Fly are known to spawn at least 3 times a year making a quarterly systemic drench program your best option when white flies are known to be in the area. If you suspect you have a white fly infestation, call Island Environmental today for a free white fly evaluation.

Rugose Spiraling White Fly

The Rugose Spiraling White Fly is just as devasting as the Ficus White Fly - only much less discriminate. Spiraling White Flies are known to lay their eggs and feed on wide range of host plants including palms, woody ornamentals, and fruit, but the Coconut Palm appears to be their favorite. The Spiraling White Fly gets its name from the spiraling pattern they leave on the underside of leaves as they lay their eggs. The first sign you will likely notice of an infestation is a white waxy "honey dew" covering the leaves. This causes a black sooty mold to form which attracts ants and it may interfere with photosynthesis which can affect the overall health and growth of a plant. Island Environmental's White Fly specialist can treat ongoing infestations, maintain control and prevent future problems. Island recommends preventative treatments for long term control to plants known to be favorites of the Spiraling White Fly such as:

Coconut palm                                       White Birds of Paradise           Calophyllum

Gumbo Limbo                                      Areca Palms                              Black Olive

Adonidia’s (Christmas Palms)             Mango                                       Misc shrubs and other plants

Trust the Experts
All of our programs include Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques which are designed to reduce the material that controls weeds and insects. Instead of blanketing the entire lawn with chemicals, we spot treat for weeds and insects on an as-needed basis. All treatments are applied by licensed technicians in accordance with Florida’s Green Industries Best Management Practices to protect Florida's water ways.

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